Why Smart TV Network?

Xtream Productions is a leading provider of powerful cloud solutions for delivering and monetizing video across connected devices. Our web based software has the ability to integrate your content over websites, mobile devices, set-top boxes (such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, etc.), live-stream to dozens of platforms simultaneously, incorporate eCommerce, and much more.

We build personalized television networks so people can promote themselves, their businesses, and their communities to the world.

We help you create a fully your digital marketing strategy that will meet your needs, opening up ways to:

  • Drive customer acquisitions 
  • Grow revenue 
  • Service your customers 

Our Team Members

Valerie McClary Project Director - Producer

Valerie is a CTV/OTT Specialist who initiates, coordinates, supervises, manages the creation and production of our clients TV network. She has a long history of outstanding customer satisfaction.

Daniel Velez Technical Operations Officer

Daniel runs the research and developing side of our team. He is responsible for designing, implementing organizational technology, policies, and systems to meet IT objectives.

Jayden Davila Social Media Consultant

Jayden advises clients on developing their online media presence. These campaigns typically include the use of TV channel & videos, blogs, forums and other features commonly seen on social networking sites.