Frequently Asked Questions About Having Your Own TV Channel


Over The Top (OTT) content goes “over” your cable box to give you access to TV content. In other words, it delivers content using an internet connection as opposed to a cable or broadcast provider. You are accessing content “over the top” of infrastructure providers. If you’re buying bandwidth from a provider like Comcast, but subscribing to Hulu, you’re going over-the-top of the provider that provided you bandwidth. You’re using the bandwidth provider as an access layer, but not as the main way you’re accessing content.

Connected TV (CTV) is a device by which you access content. You need an actual device to consume the content. Content being streamed into an internet-connected app on a smart TV or similar device. Roku and Amazon Fire TV are examples.

“OTT is a term established in the US and until recently, not common in the UK. OTT is derived from supplying consumers with TV content over and above the legacy broadcast: analogue and cable. It’s the supply of content over an IP stream. In the UK, that means digital screen and specifically app viewing environments. CTV is simply a screen for consuming IP delivered content consumed through an App. This refers to both SVOD and ad supported content. I think of OTT as a delivery mechanism for video content. On the other hand, CTV refers to that video over IP on the largest screen in the home.” Tom Fochetta, VP of Advertising Sales at Samsung Ads     

“I think in many ways there appears to be a bit of semantics but [OTT and CTV] are speaking toward the same thing.” Alex Bailey, VP of Advanced Advertising at Publicis Media UK     

“We follow the IAB definition of OTT, which means any device that can be connected to a TV to allow for the delivery of video that’s coming from the Internet as opposed to from coaxial cable or satellite. That’s the formal way we think about it. Over-the-top as a term really emerged because the streaming devices or the gaming consoles actually physically sat over-the-top of your cable box in the room. And now that that feels a bit anachronistic.” Dan Robbins, Director of Ad and Programming Research at Roku 

Unfortunately not.  We do not support other company servers.  Dash Media TV provides you with a top tier CDN server that comes with UNLIMITED bandwidth.  In comparison, a dedicated low end server with only 1 TB bandwidth would cost $184. See below specs.

  • CPanel 11 Server Suite for Dedicated Servers (BDL)          $35.00 USD
  • IronMetal – Intel Xeon E3-1230v3 : DAL1.628
  • I TB PUBLIC Bandwidth

Total            $184.00 USD

Our monthly hosting is truly a deal!

This depends on you. Typically, we can have a Roku channel live in just a few days.

Amazon and Apple TV  need to go through an approval process that can take 14 days or more.

This is based on having ALL of the complete information from you.

No, you must have your own content to put on the channel. If you have a YouTube Channel or Facebook Page with lots of videos, we can use those.

You can hire our professional videographer to come to your home or office to shoot an “About Us” style video, or commercial. He charges $1000 for a 4-6 hour shoot, plus editing.

You can hire ANY professional videographer who is local to you.

You do! You own the content, the logo, the videos, and any other artwork provided. We are a service provider. We simply create and manage your channel for you on different platforms.

As long as your monthly payment is made, your channel(s) are live.

The best answer is to start with at least 6 videos and add more each month. Viewers won’t return if you don’t add fresh content.

That’s up to you. Short videos- 3-5 minutes are fine. Longer videos also make sense.

It depends on your business, how much you want to share, and what you are making videos “about”.

This depends on the package you choose. We currently offer Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Google TV and Live Streaming.

In order to view your channels and shows, you will need to have a Roku device and/or an Amazon Fire TV device, and/or an Apple TV device.

Usually seeing your channel on one platform is enough. We will take screenshots for you on the other platforms.

In order to add videos, you will need to send us the actual MP4 file via Dropbox (we will help with this), or provide the URL of the video from your YouTube Channel.

We do the rest.

Yes, any time. Just let us know which one you want to have removed.

Your channel will be deactivated after 3 days (72 hours) of non-payment. You will need to pay a reinstatement fee of $199 to turn it back on, plus any fees that you missed.

We don’t fool around. Your channel uses bandwidth and data 24/7, and we have to pay for that usage as long as your channel is live.

You are welcome to cancel at any time. We will simply turn off all of your channels at the time of cancelation. Just send us a note.