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3 reasons your church needs to be on Smart TV Livecast

More than 80% of Americans have a smartphone, and digital engagement is now 2x higher among mobile phone users than desktop users. Because of this, mobile apps are at the forefront of mobile engagement more than ever. They are the key to an effective digital strategy and ultimately help engage and grow your community.


These remarkable trends are being seen around the world, including in your own congregation! Here are three major reasons your church needs an app:


Emails often get lost in crowded inboxes and social media posts have simply glanced over in endless feeds. However, push notifications get results. Compared to email, they see 50% higher open rates and 7x more engagement with your content. They also increase your app’s overall engagement by approximately 90%—almost double! Push notifications are an efficient, immediate, and accessible way to reach and inform your audience.

Many assume that mobile-friendly websites are just as effective as apps when it comes to reaching your community, but apps continually outperform websites and offer much more than a website is capable of. Mobile users on average spend over 80% of their time on mobile apps rather than on mobile-friendly websites! Instead of swimming against the current, church leaders should think about reaching people where they’re at. Overall apps create a faster and more engaging experience that better personalizes the communication with your audience.


When it comes to communication, churches and ministries try to reach their communities with numerous tools—but with what impact? In a recently conducted survey, 95% of church leaders indicated to us that they’re using email, texting, or Facebook groups as primary communication tools. However, in the same study, only 10% of the same leaders noted that these tools have been effective at creating meaningful connections and increasing engagement with their content.

Mobile apps are powerful tools for communicating and sharing content with your community regardless of their size. From sermons to announcements to events and more, having a single place to go to for everything makes communication easier for you and your community.

Messaging is another great communication tool that’s right in your custom mobile app. This creates a space to cultivate meaningful connections by communicating about prayer requests, small groups, and more. Messaging allows your community to stay connected while keeping your content at the forefront of their engagement.


In this digital age, many people engage with churches digitally sometimes even before physically stepping foot inside of them. An app is a great way to connect with your current members regardless of where they are. It’s also a great tool to expand your ministry’s reach and extend the Gospel beyond your walls!

Restoration Seattle is just one example of a church finding incredible success in expanding its digital reach. They’re a local congregation of around 200 members but since its launch, their app has been downloaded over 11,000 times!

Even churches with no central location thrive by having a digital presence. For example, Imagine Church is a global ministry collective that has numerous locally-led communities that come together in discipleship through technology. Their mobile app allows them to organize and minister to all types of communities regardless of physical location.

Every church and ministry, regardless of size and technical skill, can benefit from having a mobile app to increase engagement, streamline communication, and expand their reach!

If you’re not already leveraging Smart TV and LiveCast let’s chat!

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