Coronavirus prompts real estate agents to change tactics, use technology: ‘It will be the norm’

Coronavirus prompts realtors to use technology to market their listings.

Touring Houses via FaceTime or sending photos through email is nothing new; however, now other video streaming services and Smart TV is allowing real estate agents to continue working for their clients without risking the spread of the coronavirus. 

With a growing number of coronavirus cases across the nation, the real estate industry is taking a hit as the pandemic prompts people to stay home.

“I haven’t done one showing in the past week and a half where I am typically showing properties five times a week with clients,” real estate agent Amanda Becker said to Fox News.  


“There is just a lockdown everywhere.  Some New Home communities, resale homes & properties are open, and some are not.  Homebuyers or Investors are not seeing all of their options and basically saying ‘Hey, we can’t make a buying decision right now,’” Brown said.

The agents who spoke with Fox News say their clients have new demands, too. Some still want to see properties; but aren’t willing to go inside with an agent, forcing them to find new ways to do business.

Today real estate agents are turning toward technology to help them give property showings to their clients. Many agents who offered videos, Facetime tours are turning to an even a much faster-growing industry of Smart TV, where their sellers and buyers can watch from their big-screen Televisions right from their couch.

The benefit of OTT technology is helping both the sellers and buyers in making decisions in the real estate industry.  Sellers gain broader exposure in marketing their homes for sale; whereas the homebuyer not having access to the MLS; can view “homes for sale” in the privacy and comfort of their current home.

“I have had two showings as of late, and at both of them, the agents were doing “Live-streaming / virtual showings” for their clients because their clients didn’t want to come, Barghisavar said.

“My day-to-day work now is getting pictures and videos for my clients,” Becker said. “They are just having to trust the videos and the photos we send them.”

Brokers and real estate agents added this could be the new normal across the country since they are closing their real estate offices to the public.

“I definitely feel that it will be the norm for at least the next month. I think things will get worse before they get better.” Barghisavar said. “This is definitely going to change all industries and how people are going to go about their lives.”

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