Help – I have been Vimeo’d


Vimeo does not provide unlimited bandwidth for OTT services. Confusing from their sales page, but you have to dig into the terms and conditions.

I just wanted to share the below email with you from Vimeo .. This is what I was referring to in regard to being “ Vimeo ’d”     Vimeo will only allow so much traffic to ROKU.  

If you break the rules such as monetizing your ROKU channel with bandwidth coming from Vimeo it’s against their terms and conditions.

Understand this:

  • Really successful channels on ROKU have at least 10TB monthly bandwidth and in most cases more than 100TB.

  • Additionally, Vimeo do not optimize your videos for connected TV so you are wasting bandwidth and you are going to find videos have buffering or do not even play.

Vimeo Website is Misleading

When Vimeo says it provides unlimited bandwidth it is in reference to their own Vimeo Player.   ROKU and Amazon are not included in the unlimited bandwidth formula. 

Since ROKU and others do not use their player,  Vimeo terms this as an external link.  Vimeo will only allow 1TB monthly bandwidth for your account

Someone I was helping last year got a quote from Vimeo for $120K for 200TB monthly bandwidth for the  33 videos in their channel

Vimeo also has  very limited features for OTT.  Vimeo also offers a separate OTT service which they are trying to get you to convert to.


We are happy to provide users with unlimited bandwidth for standard use of our embeddable video player for all accounts that are below the 99th percentile of bandwidth usage.

Please note that should your bandwidth usage be excessive Vimeo reserves the right to charge for excessive use of bandwidth for plays occurring through third-party players and applications (when using the direct links to the video files hosted on Vimeo), as well as when you monetize Vimeo-hosted videos using a third-party payment solution, and lastly, when you use our video player with a third-party advertising solution. Please refer to our terms of service for more information:

Should your bandwidth reach our limits, someone from our sales team will reach out to you about setting up a custom plan to accommodate your bandwidth use.

If your bandwidth does reach our  bandwidth usage on Vimeo, someone from our sales team will reach out to you to discuss upgrading to a custom plan to accommodate your bandwidth usage. These custom plans generally start at $3000 USD per year and vary depending on how much bandwidth you’re projecting to use.


Hi ……..

Pleasure to meet you via email! When evaluating your account, it seems as if your company is utilizing the streaming links to publish content outside of the native player (report below).

In order to provide additional context, I have further outlined the situation below.


Company Name  is currently using Vimeo to power video experiences within a third party player via our direct file URL feature. All of Vimeo’s self-service plans include unlimited bandwidth within the Vimeo player for non-monetized use cases only. We also enables up to 1,000 GB of bandwidth per month within third party players, however clients that would like to use more than the limit have the option to upgrade to our Enterprise plans.

Term (Section 2): (

We may charge for excessive bandwidth use when: (1) plays occur on third-party sites without using our embeddable video player; (2) plays occur within third-party apps (e.g., mobile or connected TV apps); (3) you monetize Vimeo-hosted videos using a third-party payment solution; or (4) you use our video player with a third-party advertising solution.

Current Bandwidth Usage: (Report Attached)

Options Moving Forward:

1. Migrate video content onto the Vimeo player as long as distribution is in compliance with Section 2 of Vimeo’s Terms and there would be no additional charges.

2. Upgrade to a Vimeo Custom Enterprise plan which would include bandwidth for playback third party players and monetized use cases.

Please let me know if you have any initial questions and if you have any bandwidth projections moving forward, I’d be happy to provide general pricing.



In conclusion, you  must have a plan “B” just in case they call you out on it.

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