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How To Create An Android TV Channel

Creating a good Android TV application has a certain set of requirements Here are the main things to keep in mind during Android TV application development:

1. Layout

Your app requires a special design to run successfully on television devices. This means, first of all, landscape orientation and large elements of the interface (so that the user could easily navigate the app from the couch). Moreover, the navigation should work with the combination of a directional pad (D-pad) and a select button.

2. Touchscreen

Apps designed for Android TV cannot rely on touchscreen navigation. In fact, in order for an app to appear on the list of TV applications on Google Play, functioning without a touchscreen is a requirement. Keep that in mind when starting to build an Android TV app.

3. Voice Control

The latest models of Android TV boxes come with Google Assistant built in. This means you can turn it on and off, browse through content or change screen settings without getting up from the couch, using your voice alone. “Rewind five minutes”, “Play next episode” or even “Dim the lights” – all of these are commands that Android TV responds to.

4. Search Functions

User-friendly search is crucial for an Android TV application, so if your app is based on streaming services, this should be one of the things to focus on. Consider including voice search for best user experience.

5. Content Suggestions

This is another recommendation applicable if you are making an app for video or music streaming. Display some content recommendations based on users’ history and interests on their home screen. Your goal is to have them spend as much time in your app as possible, so create a content suggestion system that will grab their attention and not let go!

6. Monetization

There are two main ways you can monetize your application: by offering paid subscription/paid purchase (depending on the type of app), or monetizing it through serving advertisement.

If you opt to go for monetization through ads, video advertising will be the optimal choice. The ads shouldn’t require clicking through to a website (since Android TV does not come with an Internet browser built in), and they should not redirect to content on Google Play that’s not compatible with TV devices.

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