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Massive Growth for Apple TV

August 6th, 2020 by Valerie McClary

Although Amazon Fire TV leads the current subscriber growth, Apple TV leads in the category of the number of streaming hours.  Apple TV has seen 709% growth viewing hours in 2018, which is around 5 billion hours of video watching.  Consumers are embracing new viewing habits as they ditch the traditional cable/satellite TV and lean towards OTT world.

Even with this outstanding growth, Apple TV is still behind the popular ROKU platform for total amount of streaming hours although as mentioned Apple TV leads in the percentage of growth rate for streaming hours. This could change with many competitors intensify on the growth of connected TV. Apple TV may develop their own streaming stick which would be a lower price than their current Apple box. This may give Apple the edge in connected TV growth rate making them readily available to the lower price that consumers want. It has been said this would be under $100 which will compete directly with Roku and Amazon Fire devices on the market today. Currently, Apple TV is 4th behind Roku, Chrome-cast, and Amazon Fire TV. Since the possibility of a new device is being discussed; you can see how serious they may be on competing with other connected TV devices.

Apple TV does have a devoted fan base, which could boost their network, their audience and their ad revenue.

OTT companies such as Netflix, Hulu and many others are on all distribution platform merely because it increases their subscription base. The more platforms equal more potential audience potential resulting in potential more revenue.  Other OTT companies seek the same methods.

With the competition accelerating between streaming devices, additional consumers will be dropping standard cable and satellite. In addition, connected TV will benefit for both broadcasters and audience in many different categories from Sports, Entertainment, Travel, Religious, Foreign businesses and many others etc.…

Keep in mind that the younger users are still attracted to the lower price devices such as Roku; however, the push for Apple TV to create a lower price device just may be what they need to compete and gain in the market.   Apple still has many loyal fans over the age of 35, which seems to give them an edge for reaching a more affluent and older audience.

Our customers who have channels/networks on Apple TV are seeing growth in their viewership. This is a great outlet if you wish to continue growth along with Apple and wanting to reach the older audience..

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