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Promoting your channel: A How-To Guide

With an abundance of constantly popping channels, it is easy to get lost. So, another way of raising brand awareness and getting your channel out is promotion. While it usually comes at a certain monetary cost, it provides faster and guaranteed results in return.

The OTT ecosystem is evolving at great speed. Take Roku —the most popular streaming platform in the US with 41 million active users and a 44% share of viewing hours globally. The platform has thousands of channels and generates revenue primarily through advertising.

Roku Native Ad Platform

Roku has its own advertising platform, OneView, that allows companies to plan, manage, and track their activity across all devices. It offers new user acquisition, on and off device promotion, as well as an analytical tool to monitor campaigns and their performance. 

While offering a high traffic rate on OneView, you will only get statistics for the purchased action, meaning that if you pay for impressions, the number of clicks and installs will remain unknown. 

For those who wish to promote a channel with more competitive pricing and get in-depth analytics, Allroll is a good alternative.

Allroll Ad Platform

Similar to OneView, AllRoll offers various pricing models such as CPC, CPM, and CPI, with the latter being charged only after the app is launched. Leveraging Allroll will help you to increase install delivery by up to 60% and impression delivery up to 50%. That can be reached with the same budget spend, compared to the native Roku platform.

Allroll offers three basic ad formats: carousel, static banner, and video; which makes it possible to test creative efficiency. In addition, it provides customers with large scale statistics and performance results on a deeper level. Even launching just a CPI campaign gives you an opportunity to view impressions and click data. It gives you access to the campaign insight and allows you to optimize and max out on a profit efficiency.

Attriboost is an advanced solution for tracking user activity within the funnel of launch – switch to the first screen – episode selection – adding to favorites. It also analyzes sources of traffic, funnels, conversions, and other metrics, which equips channel owners with thorough reports and a 360 overview of their marketing landscape. If there is still no transparency on which sources deliver viewers and installs, Attriboost can recognize the best performing channel (Roku, Allroll, or organic promotion) and identify the optimization path/approach.

This way, if you decide to put your channel to the top, consider investing in advertising on a platform that suits you best. Take ownership of your data and reach your full potential.

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