How Much Does A TV Channel Cost?

The OTT Industry, which is wildly lucrative, does not have the reputation of being inexpensive. For example, Vimeo OTT, which is low-cost compared to others, starts at $1000 per month for the basic service which does NOT include the unlimited streaming. Using additional services or running a popular channel costs a lot more. Their competitors are considerably more expensive and most won’t even list their prices up-front…

…which makes Dash Media TV truly unique on 3 accounts:

  1.  The most affordable pricing in the industry.
  2.  The unmatched level of integration, comprising TV channels on multiple platforms, hosting, website, social media, channel syndication, lead generation and the webinar module.
  3.  The unmatched level of automation and making channel management a breeze. Time-consuming operations that have to be done manually on other platforms are fully automated on Livecast365, saving your most valuable resource:  Your Time.

Standard Package

($689 pkg. discount)
$ 500 monthly
  • Software
  • All Software Updates
  • Hosting on our Servers
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Technical Support
  • 50GB Storage ($199 value)
  • Roku Direct Publisher
  • Amazon Fire TV

Professional Package

($1,229 pkg. discount)
$ 750 monthly
  • Includes Everything in Basic Package PLUS:
  • Roku SDK Capability ($125 value)
  • True TV ($99 value)
  • Live Streaming ($150 value)
  • Mobile Streaming ($99 value)
  • Podcasting ($69 value)
  • Self-Managed Ad Server ($99 value)

Enterprise Package

($1,979 pkg. discount)
$ 1,000 monthly
  • Includes Everything in Level One PLUS:
  • 100GB Total ($299 value)
  • Mobile App ($99 value)
  • Premium Website ($300 value)
  • eCommerce ($99 value)
  • Level 1 SEO ($150 value)
  • Two Additional Admin Users ($198 value)

Additional Services (and Monthly Pricing)

  • Additional Storage (Call for pricing over 150GB)
    • 50GB ($99)
    • 100GB ($199)
    • 150GB ($299)
  • Roku SDK Capability ($125)
  • Apple TV ($295 one-time setup fee + $70/month)
  • True TV ($99)
  • Live Streaming ($99)
  • Websites
    • Basic ($99)
    • Premium ($300+)
  • eCommerce ($99+)
  • Mobile
    • App ($99)
    • Live Streaming ($150)
  • Podcasting ($69)
  • Android TV ($99)
  • Self-Managed Ad Server ($99)
  • SEO
    • Level 1 ($150)
    • Level 2 ($425)
    • Level 3 ($550)
  • Additional Admin Users ($99 / each)
  • Addition Assistant ($99 / each)

*Setup Fees Vary and are based on specification

Non-Profits & Churches get special pricing

REMEMBER… this is what you get for your Investment(s):

  • Ability to Create, Edit and Publish TV Channels
  • Hosting for ALL Your Video Content, Thumbnails, Data and Feeds
  • 50GB of Storage
  • Ability to mix On-Demand Videos & Live Stream Your Channels
  • Live Streaming Option on almost ALL Platforms that are supported (i.e. Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, etc.)
  • One-on-One Training & Continued Support

In short, what you get is way more than enough for a thriving streaming TV business at the best prices in the industry.

Everything else is `a la carte: channel syndication, more space on the server, creating Apple TV channels, charging subscription for your TV channels, website, etc.

You only use what you need & you only pay for what you use. As your business grows, you add the extra services and you pay a little more.

In fact, even if you create a custom premium package and include ALL platforms & ALL available add-ons, (every single one of them, and there are LOTS of them); it still would not amount to 50% of what competitors are charging just to get you started.

Compared to all other services out there, Dash Media TV is “The Smart Way” to go!!