Your Business Needs A TV Channel

Your Business Needs A TV Channel


Have you ever wondered what the next big entrepreneur and influencer distribution channel is going to be?

Having your very own TV channel is the new and up-and-coming way to get your message in front of millions of people around the world, tap into a multi-billion dollar market, add new income streams to your business portfolio and be on the cutting edge by leveraging this brand new digital marketing platform.

If you are sick and tired of getting lost in the sea of YouTubers and Social Media posts… If you just want to find a way to cut through all of the noise and get your voice heard… launching your very own TV shows and channels can put you ahead of your competition.


What would it be like if you were teaching, sharing and communicating on hundreds, thousands or maybe even millions of Televisions, all around the world? Would that be helpful for your business?

What would it be like to have access to an untapped market and be one of the firsts in your industry who leverages this new digital channel? Would that help you get ahead of your competition?

Imagine being the envy among your community… imagine having increased authority, as well as be the one out in front of everyone else and profiting quicker.

Best of all, you are reaching an audience right where they are at… in their living rooms. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Dash Media TV creates and manages television channels on the biggest Connect TV channel hosts, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, True TV, and Live Streaming is also available.

Who Does This Work For?

  • Influencers, Podcasters, YouTubers
  • Independent Film Makers
  • Your Business
  • Non-Profits
  • Your Church
  • Your Band
  • Yourself!

I’m willing to bet you’ve most likely never heard of having your OWN television channel before!

And even if you have…… You’ve probably never realized YOU could be using this to get insane exposure for anything you’re selling right now…

Your services… Products… Brand exposure, lead generation and more!

Why Choose Streaming TV?

  • 27 Million Active Roku Users
  • 30 Million Amazon Fire TV Active Subscribers
  • Your Clients/Fans Learn About You, at Home, on Their Own TV!

Viewers Are Ditching Cable For Streaming Faster Than Anyone Expected. The MPAA says streaming video has surpassed cable subscriptions worldwide.

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) reported that the world’s entertainment market — encompassing both theatrical and home releases — grew to a new high in 2018: $96.8 billion, 9 percent over 2017.

In particular, it highlighted the rapid growth of streaming video, which grew to 613 million subscriptions worldwide, an increase of 27 percent over 2017.

When it comes to streaming video, the MPAA reports that subscriptions surpassed cable television for the first time, with 131.2 million new subscriptions added, rising to 613.3 million worldwide, a jump of 27 percent over 2017’s numbers. The report says that cable subscriptions dropped by 2 percent to 556 million.

This signifies that the trend for watching Broadcast TV has continued its fall since 2017 with those viewers switching to Streaming TV.

According to a CNBC Economic Survey, 57% of the public has some form of streaming service. This number is rapidly growing.

What does all this mean for you?

This enables businesses and companies to now build a large viewer audience and set themselves up as an authority as we all know that the power of TV creates that something special. (Source: The Verge )