IPTV Service Platform

Why you should own an IPTV Service

On rare occasions there is an inflection point where a new paradigm is made possible by emerging technologies. Those who are able to understand and employ these new capabilities are positioned to make millions of dollars.

What is IPTV and how does it work?

Internet protocol Television or IPTV is a video broadcast technology that delivers video content over computer networks.

Instead of using medium like cable or satellite radio to deliver content, IPTV uses converged IP networks, allowing other services like VoIP, computer data exchange or Internet access to be still available from the same network. IPTV fits perfectly to the concept of Internet-of-Things and other ITC trends.

IPTV service opportunity?

There are two good reasons why IPTV evolved so fast and so many vendors have developed their own solutions of this kind.

  1. People are watching TV, lots of people. 
  2. IPTV makes viewer experience much richer and truly interactive, so that anybody who ever tried a quality IPTV service will never revert to regular TV.

A glimpse into the future

While most television networks still have their place in the market, the future will bring a larger demand for high-quality content and integration with third-party services, which currently only IPTV can support.

What’s Needed


  1. A Dedicated server that is powerful with a connection of at least 1Gbps
  2. An IPTV Panel/ Middleware software that manages streaming, bouquets and users.
  3. A billing software and a small server to use for the billing panel.
  4. Website for your service
  5. Streams/source/VOD (Content)
  6. Web TV Player
  7. Android App for end-user
  8. IOS App for your Customer


As for the streaming server, the requested performance depends on the maximum number of concurrent users online, and live streams. It is impossible to make a precise calculation, but our software allows, for example, to add other servers connected in parallel to the main server, which can share the load between them.  We usually recommend to start with a multicore CPU (the more CPUs the better), at least 32/64 GB of RAM, and at least one or two Gbps of unmetered bandwidth.  

Through our software you can easily handle users, resellers, TV series, VOD, streaming, bouquets. You can import channel lists with a couple of clicks and then reorder them. The interface is amazingly fast and intuitive, so you should not have any trouble understanding how it works.

The billing server doesn’t need to be very powerful, and you can also use it to run the website. As for the billing software, WHMCS is the industry standard, as it is used by 99% of iptv providers. Through whmcs you can decide the price of the bouquets created with the middleware software and manage the registration of customers. It integrates seamlessly and automatically manages the entire cycle of sales, activating new customers and deactivating those who have not renewed the service, automatically sending both invoices and reminders for expiration of services.

To conclude, an IPTV system is very complex and has to be designed with best practices of system architecture design and software development methodologies to be efficient and reliable.