Created for all Veteran Owned Businesses!

Dash Media TV  is a veteran owned business helping other veteran owned business owners get their business, products, and services on Smart television platforms.

We create streaming TV channels on the largest streaming platforms, like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and more. 

These platforms are rapidly changing the way businesses promote their products and services today. Our goal is to level the marketing playing field for all veteran owned businesses.   We would like to offer you this unprecedented opportunity to promote yourself, business, or service to potentially millions of households with the Veterans News Network Channel
The bottom line is that promoting your business, products, or services on the Veterans News Network will give you exposure and increase your chances of becoming a household name to millions. 

Three reasons why you need to be on TV.  

  1.  Streaming TV channels are visual. Most people process visual content 60,000 times faster then written content.   They will also remember the content longer.
  2.  Television is personal. It inspires empathy and emotions, which can’t be said about other types of marketing.
  3.  Your business, products, or services will be shown to potentially millions of viewers, multiple times within the month. Our television guide will help you get that type of exposure.

Promote your Veteran Owned Business To Millions

What’s included in the Cost?

  • New customers will first be required to pay a one time  fee of $99.95 (includes setup, program slot,  and your initial video submission).
  • Subsequently, you may continue broadcasting your initial program slot and video, month to month, at the cost of  $49.95 per month. 
  • You may also submit an additional program slot and video for broadcast on a month to month basis, for $49.95. . 
  • Viewing across multiple platforms.

There are no other cost associated with this offer!

If you are interested in our unique opportunity to have your business, products, and services potentially viewed by millions of households worldwide, complete and submit the form below. 

Complete the >>>> Mandatory Business Media Release Form and email back to