Live Stream Your Wedding

How many of your friends and family can’t attend your wedding because they live too far away, don’t travel well, can’t afford to come, or have scheduling conflicts? Maybe you have a loved one in the Military who cannot come home to attend, but they’d love to see your wedding…

Now they can watch your wedding LIVE!

Hey, weddings are expensive! And the cost of each additional person you add at the Reception can really cut into your budget!  Wouldn’t it be nice if your friends and family could watch a live stream of your wedding and the reception… from anywhere in the world?

We provide you the capability to live stream your wedding or event across the globe! All you will need is a camera that can upload video to the Internet – like pretty much any smartphone can do – and someone to operate it.  You can get as sophisticated with the production as you want!

We can direct you to free software that will allow you to shoot your event and edit it together using multiple cameras, or you can simply set up a single camera on a tripod and start streaming… the level of sophistication you want to employ is entirely up to you.

Here is what you get when you take advantage of our offer to stream your wedding to the world:

  • Live Streaming links to our channel on Roku and Amazon Fire TV
  • Live Streaming links to several social media platforms (including facebook)
  • Up to FOUR HOURS of time for your live stream! With that much time you can live stream your wedding AND most of the reception.
  • The option to add additional time to your live stream if you think you will need it
  • Secure bandwidth
  • Secure hosting
  • Links to production software that will enable you to produce your live stream using multiple cameras and special effects

Since we provide the platform, the links, the software and the opportunity to stream your wedding to the world, what exactly do YOU need to provide?

  • A video camera or smartphone that can broadcast to the Internet
  • A strong Internet connection (Wi-Fi, your mobile network, or a hard-wired connection)
  • Someone (or something) to hold the recording device

If you want to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to share your special day with the world, please complete the form below and we will contact you to discuss our extremely affordable pricing and optio